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Foreign Minister Affirms the Need to Continue French Support for Iraq within the Framework of Global Coalition to Prevent the Resurgence of Terrorist Groups
The Ministers also discussed mechanisms for bilateral cooperation on the political, security, economic, and cultural levels, as well as the entry of French companies to contribute to the reconstruction. Minister Fuad Hussein expressed his appreciation for the visit of the French President to Baghdad, stressing that it gave an important impetus to advance the development of bilateral relations, which The Minister renewed the call to the French side to continue effective French security and military cooperation within the framework of the international coalition to fight the terrorist organization ISIS and help rehabilitate the security services, in addition to security and intelligence cooperation between the two sides. Read more
Foreign Minister Meets with US Ambassador to Baghdad
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met with the US Ambassador to Baghdad Mr. Matthew Tueller. The two sides discussed ways to improve the prospects of bilateral and strategic relations between Baghdad and Washington, and the importance of activating means of bilateral cooperation in order to achieve the interests of both friendly countries. The two sides discussed the results of the visit of the Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation to Washington and stressed the importance to continue to achieve an effective partnership characterized by respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and dedication to common interests. Read more
The Foreign Minister Arrives to Washington on Head of Government Delegation
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein arrived in Washington at the head of the negotiating delegation to hold a round of strategic dialogue on Wednesday, between Iraq and the United States of America. The Iraqi delegation in this negotiating round will be headed by Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein, and the US delegation will be headed by Secretary of State Mr. Michael Pompeo. This round of negotiations comes as a preparation to the dialogue that Prime Minister Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will lead from the Iraqi side with the US side led by US President Donald Trump. Read more
Press Statement
Iraq is keen to adhere to the agreements and the memorandums of understanding it has with the countries of the world within the framework of exchanging interests and enhancing bilateral cooperation. Iraq had concluded a consular memorandum of understanding with the Republic of Turkey in 2009, stipulating that the traveler obtain the entry visa at border crossing points without reviewing the relevant embassy or consulate; In order to facilitate the movement of nationals of both countries, the Turkish side suspended work on the content of this memorandum, on its part the Iraqi government decided to suspend it in application of the principle of reciprocity. Read more
Minister Fuad Hussein Receives Foreign Minister of Islamic Republic of Iran
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein received the Iranian Foreign Minister Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, and the two sides held extensive discussions related to developing relations between the two countries, and ways to advance bilateral cooperation. Minister Fuad Hussein praised the close historical relations, joint cooperation and unity of visions that bind the two countries, stressing his keenness to enhance and consolidate cooperation with Tehran in various fields in a way that benefits the interests of the two peoples. Read more
Foreign Minister Affirms that Iraq Seeks to Establish Balanced Relations Based on Principle of Achieving Common Interests
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein received a phone call from his US counterpart Mr. Mike Pompeo on his assumption of office as Foreign Minister of the Republic of Iraq wishing him success. The Minister affirmed that Iraq seeks to build balanced relations with all countries of the world, and to adopt the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, respect for the sovereignty of Iraq, achieving common interests, and independence of the Iraqi decision. Read more
Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein “Investment in the reduction of the global health risks should not be seen as an opportunity for shared profit, we have to work together with a spirit of partnership and shared goals”
Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein “Investment in the reduction of the global health risks should not be seen as an opportunity for shared profit, we have to work together with a spirit of partnership and shared goals” Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein delivered the speech of Iraq at the webinar on the situation of refugees and internally displaced persons during the pandemic, and called for coordinating efforts and finding sustainable financing to meet the challenges associated with the Coronavirus regarding the countries hosting refugees and displaced persons, especially in Iraq’s case due to the fall in oil prices. Read more
The Foreign Ministry expresses its condolences to the Arab world in particular to the Tunisian people for the passing away of the politician Al-Shathili Al-Qalibi who spent a half of his life in the service of joint Arab action through his presidency of the League of Arab States and a working life full of giving and noble deeds for his people and his nation. May Allah grant him mercy and may he dwell in paradise and inspire his family patience. Foreign Ministry/ Baghdad 13/5/2020 Read more
اعلان هام وعاجل للمواطنين العراقيين العالقين في الولايات المتحدة 6/5/2020
تعلن السفارة العراقية في واشنطن عن وجود رحلة طيران لاجلاء العراقيين من الولايات المتحدة . وستكون الرحلة يوم السبت الموافق ٩ ايار الساعة 1.30 صباحا من مطار شيكاغو الى مطار البصرة وعلى الخطوط الجوية القطرية الرحلة Qatar Airways QR 726 فعلى الراغبين بالعودة الدخول الى موقع الخطوط القطرية والحجز وترتيب وصولهم الى مطار شيكاغو قبل الساعة الثامنة مساء يوم الجمعة ٨ ايار لاكمال ترتيبات الحجز على الرحلة، علما ان السلطات العراقية سوف تودع جميع المسافرين للحجر الصحي الوقائي لمدة ١٤ يوما ً. شاكرين تعاونكم معنا مع التقدير Read more
Foreign Minister Participates in Meeting of Council of League of Arab States at Ministerial Level in its Extraordinary Session
Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim participated today in the meeting of the Council of the League of Arab States at the extraordinary ministerial level through video conferencing. The Minister gave the speech of Iraq, stressing that the challenge facing our Arab nation and the Palestinian issue is not less dangerous than the global challenge posed by the Coronavirus, considering that the repetition of the aggressive tendencies of the usurped Israeli entity supported by US to procrastinate legitimate and inalienable Palestinian rights. Minister Alhakim stressed that the meeting should come out today with serious practical steps to pressure the Israeli entity and its allies to desist from such provocations, and demand the United States be an honest and impartial mediator on regional issues. Read more
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