Ambassador Lukman Faily's Welcome

Ambassador Lukman Faily's Welcome

Since 2003, Iraq and the United States have been joined together in the shared belief that democracy and freedom prevail over tyranny and dictatorship. As partners, Americans and Iraqis made great personal sacrifices to rid my country of a ruthless dictator, and together we fought to build the foundations of a democratic Iraq.

Appointed by His Excellency President Jalal Talabani, today I have the honor of representing the Republic of Iraq as its Ambassador to this great country. I come at a time when my country is facing new and familiar challenges. More than ever, we need partners to build a new future, and we see the United States – your government, your businesses, your people – as our natural ally and partner.

When I assumed my position as Ambassador in Japan three years ago, I oversaw the expansion of joint infrastructure and training projects between Iraq and Japan. Prior to that, while I was based in the United Kingdom, I worked for more than ten years in American Multi-national companies. This made it clear to me that the world is more interconnected than ever before.

Iraq has the world’s fifth-largest proven crude oil reserves, and it is the region’s fastest-growing economy. Combined with our considerable shared experiences and expertise, I see huge potential for a new kind of partnership with the United States. This partnership will be based on trade, investment and our mutual strategic concerns for the stability of our region. The opportunities for cooperation are limitless.

It is my goal to contribute as much as I can to the vibrant diplomatic, political and Iraqi communities in Washington, DC. Similar to my time in Tokyo, I look forward to connecting with the local community. I am a marathon runner and plan on joining the hundreds of other dedicated runners in the Washington district marathon and similar events that make a statement about the people of our two countries – their courage, perseverance, and indestructible spirit.

During my years in exile, when my family and so many others were forced to flee our homeland Iraq, I strived to help build a community of people who worked for peace and democracy, reconciliation, development and prosperity for all. I will do the same here in the United States and will reach out to our large Iraqi communities across the states. The doors of my Embassy are open to all – Iraqis, Americans and others – who share the vision of a deepening partnership between the United States and Iraq, building a new future together.

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