Ambassador Faily Addresses Arab Community at Al-Hewar

Ambassador Faily addressed an Arabic-speaking audience at the Al-Hewar Centre in Virginia on December 18, 2013.

The Ambassador spoke about Iraq’s foreign policy in light of regional challenges. The Ambassador noted that the Iraqi constitution outlines a framework for foreign relations that is placed on mutual respect for sovereignty and the noninterference in the domestic affairs of others.

Further, Ambassador Faily addressed the continued warming of relations between Iraq and its neighbors, noting that the aggression of Saddam’s regime had created much animosity among Middle Eastern countries towards Iraq. The Ambassador highlighted the ongoing success of renewed relations with Kuwait as an example of Iraq’s new foreign policy approach that seeks strategic partnerships and economic cooperation with all countries in the region.

Ambassador Faily welcomed questions from the Arab audience on political pluralism, the Arab Spring and Iraq’s efforts to consolidate its democratic gains.