Prime Minister Al-Abadi meets with President Obama at the White House

WASHINGTON, DC (April 14, 2015) -- Dr. Haider Al-Abadi met today at the White House with President Barack Obama, during his first official visit to Washington as Iraq's Prime Minister. The three-day trip underscores the strategic bilateral partnership between Iraq and the United States.

The leaders discussed progress of the international coalition and coordinated efforts by Iraqi forces to defeat Daesh. The Prime Minister presented a comprehensive overview of the situation on the ground and the challenges facing his government in the fight against the terror group. He stressed the importance of continued support to Iraqi security forces to counter Daesh; and requested further collaboration and reinforcements from the United States and the international coalition to enable immediate and long-term stabilization in areas liberated from Daesh.

Prime Minister Al-Abadi thanked the President and the American people for the critical support provided to Iraq, including the important work of U.S. service men and women stationed in Iraq and the region, and also honored the sacrifices of Iraqis from all communities in the fight against Daesh.

President Obama solidified the United States' support of Iraq and its people and reiterated the continued resolve of the international coalition in the global fight to destroy Daesh. The President highlighted the commitment of the United States to Iraq under the Strategic Framework Agreement, which is based on mutual respect, common interests and shared commitments. Both leaders vowed to continue to strengthen their enduring partnership, which stretches across the security, economic, political, cultural, and commercial fronts.

President Obama and Prime Minister Al-Abadi both reaffirmed the need to address the humanitarian situation in Iraq, where more than 2.6 million Iraqis have been internally displaced since January 2014. President Obama said that the United States will provide $205 million dollars in additional humanitarian assistance to Iraqis in the region and to support Iraq’s response to the Syrian crisis, bringing the U.S. contribution to help displaced Iraqis to more than $407 million since the start of fiscal year 2014.

Iraq's Ministers of Defense; Finance; Oil; Higher Education; and Iraq's Ambassador to the United States Lukman Faily also attended the White House meeting.

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