U.N. Security Council eases sanctions on Iraq over 1990 invasion of Kuwait

June 28, 2013 -- The United Nations Security Council has eased some of its sanctions against Iraq, unanimously adopting a new resolution and welcoming progress on resolving pending issues from Iraq’s 1990 invasion of its neighbor Kuwait.

The U.N. Council called on the Iraqi Government to continue searching for Kuwaiti nationals and property missing since Saddam Hussein’s 1990 invasion, but terminated earlier provisions that allowed military enforcement of the measures under Charter VII of the UN Charter.

Recognizing that the situation that now exists in Iraq is significantly different from that which existed at the time of the invasion, the Council decided that the issues of missing people and property will now be handled under Chapter VI of the Charter, which calls for a peaceful resolution of disputes.

Following the Council's action, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, who had attended the meeting, hailed the decision as an “historic landmark” in relations between his country and Kuwait.

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[UN Security Council Resolution 2107]