A statement - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sat, Jun 16, 2018

The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its rejection and condemnation of the air operations targeting the forces located in the areas of fighting Da'esh, whether in Iraq, Syria or any other place in the arena of confronting this enemy which threatens humanity.

At the same time, the Ministry affirms its call to all countries of the world to unite and stand together in the face of these extremist groups. They believe that the international coalition and the forces facing these terrorist organizations must be coordinated and supported, supported and supported. Any targeting of the fighters and their fighting sites is a support for And help to expand and try to regroup after being subjected to a major defeat by the Iraqi forces heroine, which fought the fierce confrontation on behalf of the world in all forms and formations of the army and police and popular mobilization and Peshmerga and anti-war forces Phobia with support of the international coalition and friendly countries and sister and all the good and courageous forces faced by this organization in all the world and helped humanity in cracking down on it

Dr. Ahmed Mahjoob

Official spokesperson of the Iraqi foreign ministry


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