FM praises the contributions of the countries participating in the conference to reconstruct Iraq in Kuwait

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Wed, Feb 14, 2018

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari praised the contributions of the participating countries to the Iraq Reconstruction Conference held in Kuwait on 12-14 February 2018, praising the distinguished role of the State of Kuwait in organizing this conference.

The minister said in a speech during the conference: "The cost required for the losses of Iraq is very large, but if we cannot cover the full needs, we should not ignore the assistance they provide, whatever it is." He added: "What relieves us this pain is your real participation, And you have been rewarded with your kindness, and your rest is shaken.

He continued: Kuwait's position was distinct, whether morally or materially, a sign of good intentions, and that he is a dear neighbor of Iraq, and will remain a dear neighbor to Iraq throughout history.

Pointing out that the movement of Iraq was on two levels: internally and united politically and unified his speech and search for participants, and frozen all existing differences and insisted to be a unified speech directed to the world to mobilize, and united political forces and military formations to stand under the title of the General Command of the armed forces,

He stressed on that Iraq does not enter the sharp intersections and conclude relations with all countries, starting from the neighboring countries geographically through the countries of the world, and the illusion of lasting good for this region and the world, and highlighted the second face equivalent, and completely contrary to the face of a supporter, and thus victory on their hands , And our brothers and brothers all participated.

The full text of the speech of Dr. Ibrahim Al - Jaafari, Iraqi Foreign Minister at the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq

In the name of Allah the Merciful

God's Peace and mercy be upon you all.

I salute you with the most beautiful greeting, and I congratulate you on the success of this conference, which revealed true brotherhood, and a deep human depth that moved in your circles;

I know that the cost of Iraq's losses is very large, but if we can not cover all the needs, we should not ignore their aid, whatever it is. I hope that when my dear brother Sheikh Sabah Al-Hamad Al-Sabah announces that your assistance has reached a certain level commensurate with the need of Iraq, I say to you: the origin of this moral partnership, the feelings touched by touching the hand.

Iraq is not alone in the field, and has brothers and brothers loyal to him, and are happy to joy .. What was the journey of Iraq in terms of movement in the beginning of 2014 so far easy, it cost him a lot of money, and losses, and the most, and most expensive, and the most precious is the blood that has already come 18 thousand martyrs in Iraq, and 36 thousand wounded have been affected in this case, and the damage of destruction is not a few, amounting to $ 88.2 billion to $ 100 billion .. This is a loss of Iraq, and it passes an extraordinary, but that relieves us this pain is your real participation , And your words expressive, and what you have done by your shoulders, and shook your rest; These we alleviate a lot of pain.

The Iraqi movement was on two levels: the internal level and the political row, and the unity of his speech, and search for participants, and frozen all the differences exist - and most! He insisted on a unified letter to the world, one message after the other; against the world, mobilizing the world. The second united movement united all its political forces and military formations; it stood under the command of the General Command of the Armed Forces;

On the regional level, and at the international level, Iraqi diplomacy and political positions have had to speak with a political speech in all the clubs and all the forums with one single-way speech: that Iraq is not entering the sharp intersections and forging relations with all countries, The first is to spread the good on this region, and all regions of the world, and thus highlighted the second face equal, and completely contradicting with the face of the daisy, and thus achieved victory on their hands, and participated our brothers, and our brothers all, nor I forget again to mention the position of Kuwait, which was distinct, and this was not the attempt that culminated in the crown of this great blessed collection, and the generosity in giving, whether moral or material, only evidence of good intention, and that Aziz dear neighbor, and will remain dear neighbor of Iraq Throughout history.

I draw my message to you all, and through you to your people all love, appreciation ..

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you

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