FM receives US Deputy Secretary of State and his accompanying delegation in Baghdad

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mon, Jan 29, 2018

Foreign Minister, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, received US Deputy Secretary of State Mr. John Sullivan and his accompanying delegation at his office in Baghdad to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries to serve the interests of both countries.

Dr. Al-Jaafari said that Iraq is a country that has been affected, suffered, terrorized, confronted terrorism , and defeated it. These are elements of strength enjoyed by today and the countries of the world should value the sacrifices made by the Iraqis in the war against terrorism. He added that Iraq has faced global terrorism represented by Da'esh terroristic gangs, From about 124 countries, and won by the efforts of his sons who defended the sovereignty of Iraq and on behalf of the countries of the world.

"It is not easy for war-affected countries to rebuild their cities, no matter how rich, without the help of friendly countries, because of the great devastation caused by wars, especially in the war against a fanatic terrorist," he said.

"We thank you for your security, intelligence, economic and service support in the war against terrorism, and we stress the need for the relevant committees to continue to deepen cooperation, especially that the doors of investment are open to friendly countries," he said. To develop the best relations with developed countries, and looks forward to activate the strategic framework agreement and the formation of committees between the ministries of the two countries to strengthen cooperation between Baghdad and Washington in various fields.

He stressed that Iraq is looking forward to an active presence of the United States in the donors conference to be held in Kuwait next month by urging US companies and friendly countries to attend and contribute to support Iraq and rebuild the infrastructure of Iraqi cities.

From his side, praised the Deputy Secretary of State for the victories achieved by the Iraqis, and his country's appreciation of the sacrifices made by the Iraqis in their war against terrorist gangs, which posed a threat to Iraq and the whole world, adding: The meeting of the High Coordination Committee chaired by the US State Department and the Iraqi was very fruitful in the context of To activate the strategic framework agreement between the two countries and to promote economic, trade and investment relations.

Mr. John Sullivan said that the United States will attend the donors' meeting to be held in Kuwait through the participation of Foreign Minister Rex Tilerson and the encouragement and attendance of more than 100 US investment companies seeking to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq.

He said the US State Department will have intensive efforts to encourage more US companies to work in Iraq, with a fertile environment for investment, cooperation in security coordination and expansion of relations between the two countries.

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