Foreign Minister Meets Head of the Investigation Team for Crimes of Da’esh

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sun, Feb 10, 2019

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim met in Washington with Mr. Karim Khan, head of the investigation team on crimes of Da’esh in Iraq.

The meeting discussed the role of the UN investigation team in collecting and storing evidence that criminalizes Da’esh terrorist gangs and keeping them in Iraq to ensure the rights of Iraqi victims of different faiths, ethnicities and sects in the liberated areas and the Iraqi martyrs who sacrificed themselves for their land and people.

Minister Alhakim stressed the importance of the cooperation of the UN team with the Iraqi Government to prepare the requirements of its work, stressing the need for the team to work in full respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and its jurisdiction over the crimes committed by Da’esh terrorist gangs.

Mr. Khan emphasized that the investigation team has a specific mandate in accordance with the Security Council resolution and will act accordingly, and will not deviate from it to search for and document Da’esh organized crime to achieve justice and prevent criminals from escape.

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