Foreign Minister Meets Head of UNFAO

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Thu, Dec 8, 2016

Foreign Minister Meets Head of UNFAO.jpgOn the sideline of his visit to Rome, Minister of Foreign Affairs met Head of UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Mr José Graziano da Silva.

During the meeting, they reviewed the work of the organization and efforts exerted by international organizations in the provision of the necessary supplies to support Iraq in its war against the terrorist gangs of Da'esh.

"The Iraqi Government is doing its utmost in order to achieve the sustainable development, develop the agricultural sector, and protect the environment. Iraqis are countering global terrorism that targets their civilization, history, resources and infrastructures. They are sacrificing themselves defending their souls and on behalf of the whole world, particularly that the terrorist thugs of Da'esh have come from more than 100 states," the minister said.

His Excellency indicated that Iraq is a rich country with multiple resources; yet, it passes through exceptional circumstances represented by the security challenges, the war against Da'esh, the economic challenge, the decline in oil prices, and the cost of this war, which require the an international stance in order to achieve its security and develop its economy

HE Dr Al-Jaafari called upon the Organization to exert further efforts to support development projects, and develop the agriculture and irrigation sectors, indicating:" international orgainisations must reflect its humanitarian character and support for all the peoples of the world via supporting Iraq and all countries facing terrorism. Let terrorism know that when it targets a country; it targets the whole world." The minister invited the Head of UN Food and Agriculture Organization to visit Iraq in the framework of supporting the efforts of the Iraqi Government and urging international organisations to exert further efforts.

While, the Head of UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) asserted:" Iraq is a founding and important member. FAO is concerned with supporting Iraq and assisting it, under current very difficult conditions. We are confident that Iraq shall defeat those terrorist gangs and achieve security and peace." Mr José Graziano da Silva indicated that the Organization has plans and projects to be implemented in Iraq, which is to include reconstructing irrigation projects, as well as, combating agricultural pests and diseases, the most prominent of which is Palm diseases.

"FAO Organization shall put forth at the Security Council a comprehensive study about food security and safety, and the impact of war on peoples, in order to be applied in the liberated areas. The role of the donating states in supporting states that encounter terrorism. The Organization is working with other international organisations to reconstruct the infrastructure of the liberated areas and develop agricultural and environmental sectors support the Iraqi economy to ensure the return of the displaced families to their homes," Mr Graziano da Silva added.

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