Iraq expands refugee camps as Syrians flee violence

Wed, Sep 4, 2013

by Saif Ahmed

Local authorities, in co-operation with the central government and international organisations, are working to meet the needs of the approximately 2,500 al-Ebadie residents and preparing for an influx of refugees due to the worsening situation in Syria.

"A project was recently completed to expand the camp in al-Ebadie, al-Qaim border district, which included setting up additional tents as well as service, health and recreational annexes to take in about 12,000 refugees," said Abdullah Nayef, a member of the committee in charge of receiving Syrian refugees in al-Qaim.

Additionally, new tents, a health centre, service and administrative annexes and food supplies are being added to an older refugee camp in al-Qaim, he said.

The Iraqi government also launched an extensive programme to provide free health coverage and distribute food aid, clothes and other items to Syrian refugees in Iraq.

Iraqi public schools also will be opened to Syrian students so they can resume their studies, government media advisor Ali al-Musawi told Mawtani.

The programme, launched in collaboration with the UN and the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, also helps families of four or more with financial support.

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