Karbala installs water monitoring stations

Iraq’s Ministry of Environment has announced six water pollution monitoring stations which recently went into service in Karbala province as part of a national project to monitor water resources.

The stations will monitor water sources to observe environmental changes, said ministry spokesman Ameer Ali al-Hasson. The new stations will also serve as important "early warning signals" for environmental and health hazards that may threaten the public.

Water pollution from various sources, including environmental, industrial or medical, poses a threat to the public by spreading diseases. In addition, the pollution may also affect the area's ecology, wildlife and agricultural land, making the monitoring stations an essential tool, the spokesman added.

Each station will take readings and record data on water quality, the state of biological life and the concentration of pollutants in it, and wirelessly relay this information in real-time to the central station for analysis and entry into an environmental database, al-Hasson said.

The modern, state-of-the-art equipment came from international suppliers. The installation and operation of the Karbala stations is part of a national strategic project, the Environmental Monitoring of Water Resources.

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