Minister Alhakim: Our Investment Strategy is Based on Providing Security, Stability and Facilities for Investors

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Fri, Jan 25, 2019

Minister Alhakim affirmed that Iraq represents the first front line against terrorism, and it was the most effected country by terrorist attacks that hit the Middle East.

Stressing " Iraqis have continued with their armed forces and made their sacrifices to liberate their entire land from Da’esh terrorists gangs and that the achieved victories came with the efforts of their heroes who shed their blood to defend their country.

Minister Alhakim confirmed the strategy of Iraq in countering terrorism is summarized in immediate military operations to eliminate threats to security, but it is not completed unless it becomes an integrated project ,and by countering extremists ideology and working on spreading the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence, and narrowing the cycle of poverty.

This came in the participating of His Excellency in a seminar to discuss security and its sustainability in the Middle East in Davos. Regarding the situation in Syria, the Minister reaffirmed the stance of Iraq that calls for a political solution rather than a military solution in order to maintain the unity and territorial integrity of Syria.

Minister Alhakim added : We are making continuous efforts to strengthen our relations with brotherly Arab countries on the basis of bilateral polarity, and common interests, and facing common dangers, pointing out that: Our investment strategy is based on providing security, stability and facilities for investors; this will reflect on solving the issues of unemployment, poverty reduction, and training of workers, and qualifying them to enter into the labor market.

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