President Mourns Loss of Life at Imam Hussein Shrine, Demands Investigations

President Salih expressed his deep condolences and sympathy to the families of those lost and injured during a stampede in Karbala today.
His Excellency called on all Iraqis to care for the families of those affected by this tragic incident.
During a phone call with Nassif Al-Khattabi, the Governor of Karbala, the President noted his deep appreciation for the efforts being made by the local government’s various departments to ensure those injured could be helped and assisted as quickly as possible. He was also moved by reports of individual citizens immediately working to help each other.
President Salih, commending the response of the Karbala Governorate, called on all security and health authorities to inspect their procedures for handling such events, and mobilize all appropriate resources to ensure such an event never happens again.
Mr. Nassif Al-Khattabi briefed the President at length regarding the details of the incident, and the two of them discussed measures that could be taken to ensure the safety of all religious pilgrims in the future.