President Mourns Passing of Secretary General of the Union of Iraqi Writers

President Salih sent a letter of condolences today to the national cultural and literary community upon hearing about the tragic passing of the Secretary General of the Union of Iraqi Writers, Ibrahim al-Khayat.
The following is the text of the condolence from President Salih:
In the name of Allah, most merciful and most gracious,
With heavy hearts, we are stunned to learn the tragic news about the passing of one of Iraq’s great writers and poets, Ibrahim al-Khayat.
Iraq more than ever needed his sharp and beautiful mind, which conveyed such eloquent and beautiful thoughts. His unfortunate passing leaves a vacuum in the literary scene that cannot easily be replaced.
May his soul rest in peace.
We pray to the Almighty for to care for his family and his friends during this difficult time.
We belong to Allah, and to Him shall we return.