Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi announces an Iraqi vision for the future of the region based on development and security instead of differences and wars

Iraq Prime Minister's Media Office
Sat, Oct 21, 2017

October -21- 2017

Iraq throughout its difficult and successful experience in overcoming the threat of terrorism and division in which it did rose victorious, strong, united as a State, people
Iraq saw, from the sense of responsibility that, the countries and peoples of the region have many challenges and common goals, the need to put forward comprehensive initiative dimensions of development, basically economically, which that reshape the political relationship between our countries and peoples
On peaceful foundations and lasting basis according to the following principles:
First, the conflicts in the region have not only brought our peoples destruction and backwardness, it had caused a massive drain on human and natural potential and the loss of opportunities for development and progress.
To extinguish these destructive conflicts and bloodshed and to stop interventionist policies to fuel conflicts is the right rule and the only alternative to a new era of cooperation and building.
It is wrong for the countries of the region to consider their interests in isolation from the interests of others. Our vision is to work together to build our interests and economies in an integrative manner without being isolated from one another.
So, the economy, development, and prosperity can't be achieved in one country without another. Without all of the above, all development and stability projects will falter.
Our band efforts must be companies to each other as an added sum to all of us
Secondly, we are seeking to establish lasting, deep and well-established relations among our peoples, and not to restrict them to the relationship between governments because the relationship between peoples ensures the stability of relations in the face of political transformations.
Thirdly, we must give a great glimmer of hope to the youth and not to be left to terrorism and deviant thought an intruder who exploits their energies in a negative direction and moves them from the moat of construction to the trench of murder and destruction.
Giving hope instead of despair through programs that provide employment opportunities to young people through rehabilitation and productive projects would give tremendous strength and momentum to the reform of societies.
Fourth: The agreement on a comprehensive development program and the optimal use of energies is the right alternative under fair policies based on citizenship and equality of rights and duties without discrimination. In addition to development projects at the national level, it is necessary to work and coordinate the advancement of the region as a whole, where security, peace, and well-being can't be achieved if the gap between rich and poor peoples remains large.
Fifth: The preoccupation of the region countries in conflicts among themselves while they don't invest in their resources in an optimal manner marginalized their role locally and globally.

We believe that we must work seriously for the countries of our region to have a voice and influence in decision-making at all levels of the world and in order to make the world safer and just.

Dr.Haider Al-Abadi
Prime Minister

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