Statement / Parliament's Media Office

Parliament's Media Office
Wed, Jan 8, 2020

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, called today, Wednesday, the Iraqi government to take the necessary measures to preserve Iraqi sovereignty from the violations taking place and to drive the country away from the conflict circle.

His Excellency said, “While we condemn the Iranian violation of Iraqi sovereignty at dawn today, Wednesday, January 8, we confirm our absolute refusal to the conflicting parties to use the Iraqi arena to settle scores, and in this difficult circumstance we renew our call to the Iraqi government to take the necessary political, legal and security measures to stop such attacks and work to preserve Iraqi sovereignty from violations, keep Iraq away from the ongoing conflict and not to be an arena for fighting, or a party to any regional or international conflict.”

The Speaker also called on all parties to exercise restraint and prevail over wisdom, stressing the importance of the unity of the national position and the solidarity of national powers and activities to face challenges to preserve the country’s stability, security and interests and spare our people the scourge of wars.
Media Office
Of the Parl. Speaker
Jan 8, 2020

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