The Foreign Minister Reviews the Ministry's Directions in the Next Stage to Media

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Thu, Jan 3, 2019

Foreign Minister Mohamed A. Alhakim reviewed the most important directions of the Foreign Ministry for the coming period during his reception of Iraqi journalists and media personnel’s from various media organizations in the ministry building and briefed them on the last period since assuming his post for the past two months.

The Minister stated that it is a priority of the Foreign Ministry to arrange the situation regarding diplomatic and administrative staff and to reject the existence of any favoritism or affiliation to political parties in the administration of the Ministry assuring that the nomination of Ambassadors will be done through the Foreign Ministry and that the candidates will be interviewed by the Foreign Relations Committee as well , stressing the need to select Ambassadors according to a certain criteria, the most important is knowledge of one of the main languages to select the best candidates.

Minister Alhakim noted that the Foreign Ministry has formed a team to provide the company (The Passport Index) on the ranks of passports in terms of power and expected to change the status of the Iraqi passport on the list to a better ranking.

Minister Alhakim stated that the Foreign Ministry will have an active role in the reconstruction and investment phase and that It will head the Iraqi committee that will follow up the decisions of the donor conference in Kuwait and communicate with the investment companies in different countries stressing that Iraq's relations should be good with neighboring and Gulf countries, adding that Iraq will be a starting point and a power rather than an area for conflict, which was emphasized during previous visits.

On the Palestinian issue, Minister Alhakim stressed that Iraq is committed to solving the Palestinian issue and to adhere to the resolutions of the United Nations and international legitimacy stressing that Iraq played a pivotal role in raising the Palestinian flag in front of the United Nations building. Adding that the relationship with the European Union is particularly important in the reconstruction phase and the humanitarian aid, in addition to NATO’s role in training Iraqi federal police forces and army, as well as to strengthen Iraq’s relations with China, Russia and India.

Minister Alhakim added that Iraq supports the unity of Syria and its return to its normal position in the Arab world and the region and the re-establishment of its place in the Arab League, and the elimination of terrorism, as well as the need to reopen the border crossings and stimulate trade between the two countries.

Minister Alhakim pointed out that the coming days will be full of political visits to Iraq, and will receive a number of important officials in Baghdad, and participate in a number of conferences and meetings on Arab and international level, most notably the Arab Economic Summit in Beirut and the Davos World Economic Forum.

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