The Reemergence of the Iraqi Scientific Community

Aerial View of Baghdad
Fri, Oct 18, 2013

by Jeffrey Marlow

The scientific community in Iraq is seeing renewed progress in a region that is so integral to the rise of human culture. Scientific publications have more than tripled in the last decade, with no sign of letting up.

A few major developments have contributed to the reemergence of the scientific community, but one of the most notable is the establishment of the Iraqi Virtual Science Library (IVSL). The IVSL was developed in 2006 in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of State, the National Academies of Science, and CRDF Global. Closely related to this development is the continued growth of the peer review network, which allows professionals to critique their colleagues’ work and experiments.

IVSL fosters knowledge in Iraq by allowing professionals to conduct research and share their findings with the scientific community. Through programs such as the Iraqi Virtual Science Library, experts believe that fewer educated Iraqis will leave their country and will continue to contribute to scientific advances in Iraq.

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