U.N. Secretary-General Holds Talks in Baghdad

UN Secretary General Holds Talks in Baghdad

On January 13, 2014, Prime Minister Maliki chaired official talks between the Iraqi government and the United Nations represented by Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon.

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the Minister of Human Rights and the Acting Ministers of Defense were among the attendees.

Prime Minister Maliki praised the role that the United Nations plays through its mission in Iraq (UNAMI), and the evolution of the relationship between Iraq and the international organization. The Prime Minister thanked the Secretary-General for his efforts in reestablishing ties through the normalization of relations with Kuwait and the importance of removing resolutions that were imposed on Iraq under Chapter VII.

Prime Minister Maliki also thanked Mr. Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council for supporting the Iraqi government in the fight against terrorism.

The two sides discussed security developments in the region and the risks that the Syrian crisis has on neighboring countries. Prime Minister Maliki praised the efforts of Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and the joint envoy to hold Geneva II Peace Conference with the intent of finding a political solution to end the humanitarian suffering experienced by the Syrian people.

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