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Please visit the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington, DC through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or call the Consular Section at 202-483-7500 for more information on consular services.

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TARII مؤتمر
أقامت السفارة العراقية في واشنطن حفل استقبال لنخبة من الأساتذة والباحثين العراقيين والأجانب الذين شاركوا في مؤتمر معهد الأبحاث الأكاديمية في العراق وهو المؤتمر الذي شاركت فيه السفارة وناقش على مدى يومين (3 – 4 تشرين الثاني) الأبحاث المختلفة التي تجري حول تاريخ العراق وحاضره الثقافي والمعرفي. وجرى خلال الاستقبال تكريم الأستاذ بيتر وين رئيس مركز تاري على جهوده في تعزيز التعاون الأكاديمي بين المؤسسات والباحثين من العراق والولايات المتحدة. Read more
The Mesopotamian Civilization inspires Iraqi Innovators in the United States
With the participation of the US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iraq, Iran, and Public Diplomacy, Mrs. Jennifer Gavito, and a group of diplomats and prominent American officials, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington celebrated a group of Iraqi innovators in the fields of fine art, sculptor art, and craftwork. Their works covered Iraq's history and civilization from various angles, which attributed to conveying its cultural heritage in a manner befitting Iraq’s history and position. ... Read more
حضارة بلاد ما بين النهرين تلهم مبدعي العراق في الولايات المتحدة
تحت شعار: حضارة بلاد ما بين النهرين تلهم مبدعي العراق في الولايات المتحدة. بمشاركة مساعدة وزير الخارجية الامريكية لشؤون العراق وايران السيدة جنيفر كفيتو وحضور نخبة من الدبلوماسيين وشخصيات امريكية رسمية، احتفلت سفارة جمهورية العراق في واشنطن بنخبة من المبدعين العراقيين في مجال الفن التشكيلي والنحت والاعمال اليدوية حيث تناولت اعمالهم، تاريخ وحضارة العراق من زوايا متعددة بما يسهم في نقل الارث الحضاري العراقي بشكل يليق بتاريخ العراق ومكانته. ... Read more
مؤتمر العراق عشرون عاما بعد الاحتلال
استضافت سفارة جمهورية العراق في #واشنطن المشاركين في اعمال المؤتمر الذي تم تنظيمه من قبل AtlanticCouncil@ في واشنطن العاصمة بعنوان ' #العراق 20 عاماً بعد الاحتلال' للفترة من .٢٥-٢٦ أكتوبر بمشاركة نخبة كبيرة من الاكادميين والمختصين والخبراء في مجال الامن والسياسة والطاقة من العراق والولايات المتحدة Read more
World Bank and International Monetary Fund Meetings, October 11-15, 2022
Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs/Minister of Oil/Acting Minister of Finance, Mr. Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, headed the delegation participating in the quarterly meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB)... Read more
Minister of Foreign Affairs Receives US Ambassador to Iraq
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Fuad Hussein, has received the Ambassador of the United States of America to Iraq, Ms Alina Romanowski. During the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries, and ways of developing the joint cooperation between Baghdad and Washington. Read more
The Embassy celebrated the conclusion of its summer internship program
The Embassy recently celebrated the conclusion of its summer internship program. We were fortunate to have five stellar interns who contributed to different activities throughout the summer, including participating in workshops about Iraqi culture, promoting tourism to Iraq and researching and writing about political affairs and bilateral US-Iraqi relations. We thank them for a wonderful summer! Read more
Embassy Hosts Condolence Book for Victims of Turkish Missile Attack
In honor and appreciation for the souls of the Iraqi martyrs who were martyred as a result of the Turkish strike of Barkh resort in Dohuk province On 20/7/2022, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington announced the opening of the book of condolences for the period from 25/7 – 27/7 To receive condolences and sympathy.a representatives of the US authorities and a number of heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Washington attended to write down expressions of sadness and regret over this ... Read more
The Iraqi and Iranian Ministers of Foreign Affairs discus on the phone the developments of situations in the Region and they confirm the necessity to make efforts to end the war in Yemen
The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Fuad Hussain has discussed the developments of situations in the region, such as the security situation in the Gulf region and Yemen and the danger of escalation and deepening crises, Mr. Hussain confirmed ... Read more
Iraq Accepts Repatriation of Five Precious Antiquities by Manhattan District Attorney’s Office
NEW YORK (January 18, 2022)—Iraqi Ambassador to the United States Fareed Yasseen today accepted five historic stolen artifacts for repatriation to Iraq after they had been looted over the past 30 years. At a ceremony also featuring Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Erik Rosenblatt, Acting Special Agent in Charge, New York, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, two items seized from Michael Steinhardt and three others from ongoing investigations were handed over. Read more
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