From Challenge to Achievement: Iraqi Embassy in Washington Celebrates Two Decades of Democracy in Iraq

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington organized a seminar entitled “Twenty Years of Challenge and Achievement: The Iraqis’ Journey Toward Democracy” which highlighted the progress achieved by Iraq in the field of democracy and political stability, the positive developments that Iraq has witnessed, and the importance of moving forward in the process of overcoming challenges and celebrating achievements.

H.E. Ambassador Nazar Al Khirullah delivered his opening remarks at the event, stressing the importance of the past two decades in shaping the political system and promoting democracy and stability in Iraq. He recalled with pride and appreciation the efforts made by Iraqis and international cooperation in this journey, which was not easy, but thanks to the steadfastness and determination shown by all Iraqis in facing various challenges, while some of them continued, Iraq remained strong, featuring a superior ability to adapt and overcome obstacles, as it has been being protected by a collective will from its people to build a strong state that reflects the country's rich diversity and respects the rights of all its citizens.

The event included a video presentation, highlighting the challenges and achievements that Iraq has witnessed over the past twenty years, especially the main events that shaped its political system and the Iraqis’ endeavor to establish solid foundations in the Iraqi democratic system. It also showed clips from another video of a group of prominent social media activists (YouTubers) who visited Iraq; their clips showed the facts of political stability, the natural and cultural beauty of Iraq, and how these visits contributed to changing the stereotyped image of Iraq and enhancing mutual understanding.

The event also included a discussion interaction where Doug Bernard, an American YouTuber, and Christina Davis, a traveler and digital content creator, participated. Bernard spoke about his unique experience in Iraq and how these visits changed his view of Iraqi culture and hospitality. For her part, Christina Davis discussed the Iraqi cultural experience, stressing the need to break stereotypes and motivate more Americans to visit Iraq.

This event represented an important step towards changing the stereotyped image of Iraq, promoting tourism in its various regions, and demonstrating the political stability that has been achieved. The entry of foreign tourists of various nationalities into Iraq reflects the existence of solid foundations for political stability, which contributes to improving Iraq's image globally.