Foreign minister from Erbil: we stand with any constitutional practice and all the Kurds have to take into account the future of Kurdistan and the challenges it will face and the right time to achieve this wish.

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mon, Apr 17, 2017

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari concluded his visit to Kurdistan region and stated in press Releases to the media, that this visit is a response to a generous invitation by the American university in Dohuk, and there was a lecture and discussion, where we explained the prospects of political process development in Iraq and adopting the state project, and exchanging the points of view about the important issues, the discussion were about objecting Dictatorship and the political side in ruling, and we exchanged the points of view and experiences governing this period of the federal governing in Baghdad, and the experience of the local governing in Kurdistan region.

His Excellency added: "we talked about the late facts on the Iraqi fields, and how the Iraqi national powers to over through challenges and to defeat terrorism, and how the heroes of Iraqi army, popular mobilization, Peshmargha , counter terrorism forces, and made victories, this is an expression on the unity of the Iraqi political powers attitude, and the unity of Iraqi political powers will remain the secret of victory.

Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed that we are with any constitutional practice, and all the Kurds have to put into account the future of Kurdistan and the challenges and choosing the right time to practice this wish, referring to that the referendum must be taken into account the awareness level on the different areas in Turkey, Syria and Iran or in any other area.

He stated "we want to account any step horizontally for all areas, and vertically with time, and we are with the luxury of the Kurdish people, and to enjoy his rights: showing that every step leads to support the national unity, and coherence of Kurdistan, and coherence of Iraq, and express the freedom of the Kurdish citizen is a strength to Iraq.

His Excellency drew the attention to that Iraqi people must not be distinguished from each others based on Nationality and doctrinal, and he respects the Kurdish experience, as it is a good one, and we present it to the world as an Iraqi political imprint. And the Cohesion of the Kurdish, Arabic, Turkmen, Muslim, Christian, Azedi, Sabee, Sunni, Shiite people, all of them make the new Iraq.

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