H.E. Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi receives a phone call from British prime minister

Iraq Prime Minister's Media Office
Wed, Jul 19, 2017


His Excellency Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi received a phone call from British prime minister Theresa May

Theresa May congratulates Him on recent liberation of Mosul and defeating Daesh, commended the bravery and sacrifice of Iraqi forces.

The British Prime Minister confirmed the continued support of her country to the Iraqi government and Iraqi forces in the areas of arming and training,

Saying :" we are supporting united Iraq ,we don't accept any thing that would disturb its Unity , we are with Unify ,secure and stable Iraq for all Iraqis".

Referring to British efforts to issuing a United Nation's decree criminalize Daesh

His Excellency Prime minister Dr.Al-Abadi thanked British prime minister,her country as a member in the Global Coaltion, stands in supporting Iraq

Ensuring that Iraqis victory deafening Daesh massively, reducing Daesh ability in recruiting terrorists.

That done by the Iraqis scarifies , collaboration of liberated cities' sons and welcoming Iraqi forces.
Referring to the government will in continuing liberation operations and supporting the ability of the Iraqi forces

Media office of the prime minister

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