Statement / Prime Minister's Media Office.

Iraq Prime Minister's Media Office
Fri, Jul 27, 2018

July -27- 2018

At the first moments of the declaration of the citizens to their demands in a number of provinces, we declared our immediate response to all legitimate demands and considered the response to the demands of the citizens' strength and not a weakness because they are our people and our goal is to serve them. We met with many delegations from the provinces and issued many immediate orders to implement the possible demands according to our specific powers and available financial resources. And according to priorities and possible time-frames and formed for this purpose Services and reconstruction committee in the provinces, which began its work immediately.

Everything al-marjieia was asking for will remain in our eyes since the fatwa of the eternal jihad and to the content of Friday sermon today, which painted a road map for the future of Iraq and its people.
We affirm our position in support of the remarks, directives, invitations and solutions contained in the sermon of al-marjieia which has been and will remain the safety valve for a strong, prosperous and stable Iraq in which security, safety, justice, prosperity for all its citizens and its potential for corrupt and public money will be achieved.
Dr. Haider Al-Abadi
Prime Minister

Media office of the prime minister
July -27- 2018

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