The Council of Arab Ambassadors hosted a farewell reception honoring His Excellency Lukman Faily

The Council of Arab Ambassadors set up under the auspices of the Arab League Mission to the United States on Monday evening, June 20th 2016, an Iftar farewell dinner in the honor of H.E. Ambassador Luqman Faily on the occasion of ending his tenure in the United States. The ceremony was attended by ambassadors and representatives of Arab diplomatic missions commissioned to Washington D.C.

H.E. Ambassador Salih Ahmed Sarhan, head of the Arab League Mission, praised H.E. Ambassador Luqman Faily’s efforts for the coordination, communication and ongoing support with the Arab League and the interests of Iraq in the United States during our most challenging time in the war against Daesh and resistance to international terrorism. H.E. Ambassador Luqman Faily expressed his gratitude to the Arab League for their hospitality, cooperation and communication for the assistance offered in aiding the Iraqi mission to exercise ongoing work to the tasks entrusted.

arab league farewell_0.jpg