Iraq Prime Minister's Media Office
جمعة, سبتمبر 29, 2017


Media Office of the Prime Minister Dr.Haider Al-Abadi reaffirmed that Iraqi Government preserves rights and gains of all Iraqi Citizens including Kurdish People, while the Government assured their rights in any made decision.

While we referred to that the Government controlling over air and land border in Kurdistan reign, is not for propose to make embargo or starvation citizens in the reign, as some Kurdish officials claim and spread a propaganda.
It is a government procedure and Federal agencies to monitor goods import, export and individuals in and out process in the reign, as it is implementing in all Iraq crossing borders, which grantee text payment and preventing of corruption.
We referred also that central authorities imposes on Kurdish airports represented the handed over of the Kurdish airports to the central authorities in according to the constitution as it is in the all Iraqi provinces airports and implementing in the world airports systems, the internal flights are continuing and intact, when the airports authorities handed over to the central Government the international flights will open.
That matter is not considered a punishment to the reign citizens, but it is a constitutional process approved by the cabinet for the benefit of the people in the Kurdistan reign and others

Media office of the Prime Minister

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