Foreign Minister Delivers Iraq’s Speech at High-Level Segment of the 40th Session of Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
ثلاثاء, فبراير 26, 2019

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim stressed that Iraq has presented many martyrs in the war against terrorism in defense of their country's land and unity: stating Iraq's determination to be a starting point for enhancing security and peace between different cultures and religions as a member of the Human Rights Council.

The Minister expressed the keenness of Iraq to disseminate the culture of human rights, especially in institutions that are responsible for law enforcement.

Minister Alhakim pointed out that the government program attributes reconstruction and infrastructure projects great importance in order to promote the preservation of human dignity of all Iraqis, expressing his thanks and appreciation to all the countries that supported Iraq in its war against Da’esh terrorist gangs.

This came in a speech of the Foreign Minister at the high-level segment of the 40th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

On the regional issues of importance to Iraq Minister Alhakim called on the international community to seriously attempt to protect the rights of the Palestinian people and support their just cause.

Minister Alhakim pointed out that Iraq’s stance towards the Syrian crisis is based on supporting international efforts aimed at a political solution, and Iraq is working to restore Syria's membership in the League of Arab States calling on the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people.

Minister Alhakim warned that the humanitarian situation of the Yemeni people has reached unprecedented levels of deterioration because of the continuation of war, calling on Yemeni parties to engage in dialogue and respond to international efforts.

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