Foreign Minister Meets Several Ambassadors of Arab and European Countries and International Organizations Accredited to Kingdom of Netherlands

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
أربعاء, أكتوبر 30, 2019

Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim met with Ambassadors of Arab and European countries and international organizations accredited to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Minister Alhakim reviewed the latest political and security situation in Iraq and the priorities of the government at the current stage, and at the strategic level, pointing out its orientations to diversify sources of income, support the private sector, create jobs, and eliminate unemployment by upgrading the economic sector, especially agriculture and industry, stating that his visit to the Kingdom of the Netherlands discussed the benefits of the Dutch institutions’ expertise in these sectors and their investment to build Iraqi capacities.

Minister Alhakim expressed his appreciation to all the countries that stood by Iraq in confronting Da’esh terrorist gangs and the reconstruction of liberated areas, stressing that the stability of Iraq is a fundamental pillar of the stability of the region.

Minister Alhakim touched on regional and international situations, expressing Iraq’s endeavor to calm the situation and resolve conflicts in the region, noting that it is doing its utmost to open the door for constructive dialogue among the countries of the region, and coordinate to end conflicts and wars.

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