H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi confirms the necessity of cooperation, overcoming the regions and providing sound investment environment in all governorates

Iraq Prime Minister's Media Office
أحد, يونيو 16, 2019

June– 16- 2019

His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi chairs this day the 3rd meeting for the supreme coordination committee among the provinces, confirmed the necessity of cooperation, providing sound investment environment across the regionalization, consideration of the highest interests of the country, Enhancing stability and security, economic and service conditions, achieving public benefit and responsible work under the Iraqi constitution, Which regulates the powers of federal and local governments, the democratic system, which is a basic guarantee for all.

The meeting discussed in detail the file of electric power in the provinces, all related to production, distribution, consumption needs, solutions and proposals necessary, In addition to the subject of financial allocations for some provinces and the relations of local governments with the federal regulatory agencies.

His Excellency Prime Minister directed the formation of a permanent cell for electric power, Continuous follow-up, proposals, solutions, overcoming difficulties and addressing emergency situations.

Pointing to continued efforts to support planters and farmers in all governorates, to proceed with plans for agricultural crops to provide support to the national economy to operate the employees. Concerning the government and its foreign policy, His Excellency Prime Minister said that we invest large and renewable participants with all neighboring countries to strengthen Iraq's status and develop its relations, enable it to play its part in the efforts related to the regional crisis.

His Excellency reviewed the government's efforts to expand investments, strengthen state resources and revitalize the economy, the required cooperation and safe atmosphere, appropriate and attractive in all provinces,

Pointing out what has been achieved through the conclusion of important agreements with major German, American and Asian companies in the economic, investment and energy, including the road map for the electricity sector, With Siemens, ExxonMobil, the joint venture fund with China Not leveraging, besides cooperation with Korea and Japan.

His Excellency underscoring that these investments and major projects must provide a good environment and a responsible work that goes beyond the region to the interest of the whole country, In addition to the provision of the Shatt al-Arab agreement and investment in the important Al Maqal Port cleaning, Which provides economic interests and broad employment opportunities.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Dr. Fuad Hussein, Governors, heads of provincial councils, the representative of the government in the House of Representatives head of the secretariat of the Commission Dr. Turhan Mufti, the ministries of planning and electricity, general managers in the ministries of finance, planning, electricity directors of transport distribution and operation, a number of officials and advisers.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
June – 16 – 2019

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