H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi congratulates the Iraqis and the Islamic world on the occasion of the Prophet's birth (peace be upon him and his family)

November-19- 2018

In the finest words and congratulate, I dedicated my congratulations and blessing wishing to the dear Iraqi people and the Muslim World as we commemorate the Holy Prophet's birth, The birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah peace be upon him and his family, asking the Almighty to grant our people, the Iraqi nation and the entire Islamic nation good, prosperity, blessings, the continuity of security, stability, and well-being.

I also sincerely pray for this happy occasion to be a moral incentive to follow the path of prophecy and its eternal teachings, that wonderful event is always inspiring to remember our honorable history, which transferred humanity from the ages of darkness to the era of light, love, openness of mind, knowledge, learning and development.

While I congratulate all Iraqis and the Islamic nation on this occasion, I confirmed that we are going to work hard to serve our people and our country, inspired by the determination and strength of the principles of our first ideal, the Prophet's guidance, truth and mercy, as well as from the values of Islam and its teachings, that the prophecy's final message came with,

We are asking the Almighty for us to be gathered on those values and principles, united and strong, to continue to build our country and to create a model of coexistence, a decent life, love, and peace, we are all proud of it.

We are wishing every year, the Iraqis and our Islamic nation with a thousand good.

Media office of the prime minister
November-19- 2018