Statement / Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Iraq will take part in the talks in Astana on Thursday, which is one of the important paths of dialogue between the parties of the Syrian-Syrian conflict, which could lead to an end to the violence in the country and bring positive results.

We welcome any efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis and strongly support its resolve by peaceful means. We express our readiness to coordinate with the countries of the world in order to end Syrian people’s suffering which entered the ninth year.

The specificity of Syria as a sister Arab country, we have called since the outbreak of the crisis to resort to peaceful solution, which avoids entering into conflicts, the only loser is the Syrian people, and we are still seeking to provide the appropriate climate to obtain a common position and a clear direction towards resolving this crisis by political means away from military solution.

Iraq has not, and will spare no effort to participate in everything that will end the crises in the region. We have a long history on both initiative and participation level. Iraq is participating for the first time in these talks as observers with high level representatives from the United Nations, Jordan and Lebanon.

Iraq’s participation in the talks is in response to an invitation extended to us by the Astana,Guarantor States Russia, Turkey and Iran, which announced in its Final Statement its agreement to invite Iraq and Lebanon as observers.

Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman

Dr. Ahmad Al-Sahaf