About Iraq

Shameem Rassam

Encompassing the fertile lowlands between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, modern-day Iraq corresponds largely to the ancient land of Mesopotamia. It is perhaps the oldest consistently settled region on the planet where remnants of human settlements dating back to 50,000 B.C can be found.
Iraq is home to some of the first great civilizations in human history; this is why it earned the title of “Cradle of Civilization”. It was here the concept of wheel was born, the first letter was written and the first system of agriculture was developed. Over the centuries, Iraq has been home to many ancient civilizations including the Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian empires. Each has left its mark on the region and on history.
Modern-day Iraq is a country rich in culture and heritage inherited thousands of years ago. Poetry thrives in Iraq as well as fine arts such as painting and sculpting. Visitors to the country can enjoy watching buildings from the golden age of Abbasid architecture in the 8th and 9th centuries and from various Ottoman periods. Maqam music is the urban classical vocal tradition of Iraq, and football is the most popular sport. Iraq’s unique cuisine dates back nearly 10,000 years reflecting the rich legacy of many civilizations that flourished there.

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