Ambassador Faily attends delivery ceremony of Boeing plane to Iraq

SEATTLE, March 25, 2014 -- Ambassador Faily participated in a ceremony at the headquarters of the Seattle-based company, Boeing, marking the delivery of the third Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft to Iraqi Airways. The ceremony included a high-level delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation and the Iraqi commercial attaché to the United States.

The latest delivery is one of thirty 737-800s that were ordered by Iraq in 2008. The plane touched down in Baghdad International Airport on Thursday amid a ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport. The final Boeing aircraft is expected to arrive in Baghdad by the end of 2016.

Speaking at the delivery ceremony, Ambassador Faily touched on key milestones in Iraq and noted that continued developments in the country’s aviation sector were a positive signs of Iraq’s progress.

The Iraqi delegation were given a guided tour of Boeing’s field delivery center before joining Erik Nelson at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Iraqi Airways is the national carrier of Iraq and is undergoing a multibillion dollar upgrade of its fleet.