Ambassador Faily discusses State and Nation Building; US-Iraq partnerships during California visit

On a recent trip to California, H.E. Ambassador Lukman Faily had a series of meetings with department heads and professors at Stanford University. The insightful discussions encompassed foreign policy developments, in particular with relations to the US, Iraq and the region. The discussions between Ambassador Faily and the leading professors mainly centered on the concept of “State and Nation Building”.

While in California, H.E. Ambassador Faily also met with Governor Jerry Brown to discuss further building on the relationship between the state of California and Iraq. Ambassador Faily updated the Governor on Iraq’s latest challenges and discussed the correlation of shared affairs with Iraq’s neighbors.

H.E. Ambassador Lukman Faily was invited to speak at the World Affairs Council of Northern California to address the council’s Board of Trustees. The discussion covered security and governance challenges facing Iraq and the policy agenda of the new government. Ambassador Faily highlighted the smooth transition of governance under Prime Minister al-Abadi as a sign of growing democracy in Iraq and reiterated the vision of Prime Minster al-Abadi’s government in strengthening the relationship between Iraq and the neighboring countries.

In addition, the Ambassador addressed oil prices, Iraq's budget and economy, and updated the trustees on the latest agreement between Baghdad and the KRG on oil-trade relationships.

During the visit, Ambassador Lukman Faily also delivered remarks at an exclusive, private men’s club in San Francisco for a luncheon event. Over 115 guests were present, including business owners and CEO’s, professionals in law and accounting, and retired and active military officers. Ambassador Faily discussed the necessity of leadership in Iraq as well as societal and cultural challenges facing Iraq today.