Ambassador Faily gives remarks on “The Iraq-US Relationship: Past and Future”

On May 19, 2015, Ambassador Faily was hosted for a program at The World Affairs Council of Greater Hampton Roads in Norfolk, Virginia.

Ambassador Faily delivered remarks, “The Iraq-US Relationship: Past and Future,” in which he highlighted the challenges of combating Daesh and the current turmoil through the Middle East. He addressed the core challenges for Iraq and its allies including the United States. The discussion covered how to wage an effective and ultimately successful war against Daesh without undermining the sovereignty of Iraq.

Ambassador Faily also focused on the US-Iraq relationship, particularly the recent enhanced military coordination and train-and-equip program to defeat Daesh. Furthermore, he discussed the importance of regional allies to denying Daesh terrorist safe havens in the region. The Ambassador concluded by speaking of the strategic relationship with the United States based on shared interests and common values.

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