Ambassador Faily Provides a ‘Spotlight’ on Iraq: Highlighting Progress and Challenges

On February 3, 2015, Ambassador Lukman Faily delivered a lecture at George Washington University’s Institute for Middle East Studies -Elliott School of International Affairs. The lecture entitled “Spotlight: Iraq” outlined the progress and challenges facing Iraq.

The Ambassador stressed in his remarks that despite the complexities in Iraq, the country will continue to be vigilant in its fight against the war on terrorism and will continue to work with the international coalition to eradicate terror groups like Daesh.

Ambassador Faily highlighted the critical role of the United States in Iraq’s fight against ISIS, calling America a “game-changer” that has the military capacity and historical knowledge to deal with “such a vicious enemy as ISIS.”

“We have made the decision that we cannot exist with ISIS. We will fight with or without U.S. support. But with U.S. support, we reduce time, we reduce causalities and make sure minorities no longer live with fear,” he said.

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