Ambassador Faily Visits American Technology Companies in Silicon Valley

As part of Ambassador Faily’s business outreach initiative and coinciding with his recent trip to California to focus on promoting Iraq-U.S. business partnerships and investments, the Ambassador visited the headquarters of Cisco, Qualcomm, and Google in Silicon Valley.

During his meetings, Ambassador Faily spoke with many top technology executives and directors and highlighted the tremendous partnership and investment opportunities between Iraq and the United States. The Ambassador also discussed steps taken by the Iraqi government to pave the way for additional investments and business ventures in the future.

Ambassador Faily indicated that the Government of Iraq has implemented reforms which focus on improving the investment climate through cutting bureaucracy, facilitating administrative procedures, strengthening Iraq’s infrastructure, and complimenting American companies doing work in Iraq. Mr. Faily urged those U.S. companies to continue their contribution to fostering economic growth for both Iraq and the United States.

Ambassador Faily also provided an in-depth analysis and update of the current political situation in Iraq and the region.