Appointed-Ambassador Faily Attends Graduation Ceremony for Iraqi Pilot Students of F-16 Military Aircrafts

Appointed-Ambassador Lukman Faily attended the graduation ceremony for Iraqi Pilots of F-16 military aircrafts, who completed their training in the United States. The ceremony took place in Tucson, Arizona on June 27, 2013 and was attended by a number of high ranking officials from both Iraq and the United States.

In a speech at the honoring ceremony, the Ambassador congratulated the cadets for their exceptional efforts in successfully passing the training program. Ambassador Faily conveyed the greetings of the Government and people of Iraq on the pilots achievements. The Ambassador also highlighted the challenges that the country is facing and the need for such a talented, young generation to build and protect the country of Iraq and its people.

“Today is a historic day for Iraq and this ceremony comes at the same time as Iraq is celebrating the U.N. Security Council vote to move the country from Chapter VII to Chapter VI and also solidifies bilateral relations and partnerships between Iraq and the United States," the Ambassador said.