H.E. Prime Minister Maliki meets with President Obama

Iraqi Embassy

H.E. Prime Minister Maliki meets with President Obama

H.E. Prime Minister Maliki was welcomed to the White House on November 1, 2013 by President Barack Obama for a constructive meeting on the bilateral relationship between the United States and Iraq.
At the forefront of the discussion was establishing a deeper security partnership between the United States and Iraq to combat terrorism and the enemies which threaten both countries. The Prime Minister addressed the need for U.S. assistance to equip Iraqi forces in order to secure the borders and curb the threat of extremists. The Prime Minister reaffirmed that Iraq does not seek this assistance through American boots on the ground, but through increased counter-terrorism cooperation, including the sale of military helicopters to Iraq. 

Prime Minister Maliki and President Obama also discussed the Strategic Framework Agreement and noted the progress made by both countries under the accord. The President and Prime Minister reiterated the continued support of the agreement to strengthening bilateral ties. The Strategic Framework Agreement was signed by both countries in 2008 and guides the political, economic, cultural, and security ties between the United States and Iraq.

Also in attendance for the White House meeting were Foreign Minister Zebari, Acting Mnister of Defense H.E. Saadon Al-Dlimi, Council of Representatives Members Mr. Yassin Al-Najaf and Mr. Arkan Zeebari, National Security Adviser Mr. Falih Al-Fayyadh, Chief Media Adviser for the Prime Minister Mr. Ali Mohammed, and H.E. Ambassador Faily.

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