His Excellency Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari Addresses a Message to All Foreign Ministers in The World on The Occasion of Iraq's Victory Against Daesh Gangs in Mosul and The Completed Liberation of The City.

His Excellency Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari Addresses a Message to All Foreign Ministers in The World on The Occasion of Iraq's Victory Against Daesh Gangs in Mosul and The Completed Liberation of The City.

In the Name of God the most merciful the most gracious…

Quran Verse …. (And Allah made it not except as [a sign of] good tidings for you and to reassure your hearts thereby. And victory is not except from Allah, the Exalted in Might, the Wise) .

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessing,

On the 10th of July 2017 Monday evening, Prime minister Haider Al-Abbadi the chief of armed forces announced from the heart of Mosul the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad, the victory against Daesh terrorist groups after occupying the city since mid of 2014, where our heroic fighters fought in one plan with all military forms (Army, counter terrorism forces, federal police, the blessing popular mobilization forces, Peshmerga and sons of tribes with the launch of (we are coming Niniveh) operations 9 months ago with heroism and courage against these criminal gangs whose members are from more than a 100 different nationalities.

The military operations concentrated on liberating the human before the land, therefore the keenness to protect civilians was the most priority to our heroic forces despite the despicable means of Daesh, by taking people as body shields, and being hiding in the old city of Mosul didn't discourage the will of our heroic forces whom have engaged in clean street fighting to be remembered through history.

Our people in Mosul have suffered from various kinds of torture, humiliation and brutal killing by this terrorist organization through series of horrible crimes that have never known in history, therefore this day is considered a festival for all Iraqi people and impressive to globe's nations.

The great central role of the Margaiya has been obvious throughout the Fatwa of optional Jihad by his eminence Seid Ali AL-Sistani (May God bless him) that have given human and moral momentum to mobilize youth and urge them to fight these gangs.

The great sacrifices Iraqis gave with their blood as they are fighting the most dangerous organization threatens the international security, on behalf of all humankind representing a credit of their morals and the depth of this great nation's civilization and their refusal to any barbarous ideology targets its stability and coexistence, as the victory in Mosul battle represents the most important victory to break and defeat these extremist gangs that targeted innocent civilians in a big number of globe's cities.

The unified dialogue of the Iraqi political blocs against terror and being united, has presented a huge mobilization and an important credit for our heroic fighters.

Our sons have fought with excellent humanity, fought to save our people and to impose security and promoting justice all over Iraq aiming to eliminate the terrorist pest they have fought to prove that all Iraqis are united on their land with all sects and nationalities.

The identity of Mosul has remained Iraqi and the city of all, for which everyone fought. Our people's son had no choice and responded to the call of responsibility from different cities to regain this dear city and release it from the dreadful prison of Daesh, and worth to bend over and pay solemn tribute to it and to the martyrs who have presented their souls for the sake of victory.

The heroic stances of our sons weren’t aloof from our women who supported the battle with all what they have and never been striven to present their sons, husbands or brothers.

We shouldn't forget the contribution of all allied and friendly countries to us, and what they spent of clear supplies to support the Iraqi government efforts in this immortal battle, this what have reflected the depth of the relations connect them with Iraq and their determination to stand seriously against terrorism and its threats that looming over all of us.

Today and along with this great victory, we are looking for more cooperation and solidarity with us to complement the procedures to eliminate this terrorist organization and extracting its ideology, supply and funding sources and the media outlets promoting its dialogue and to prevent its proliferation in other countries and to cut way back again, and to launch the reconstruction, building and stability processes in the liberated areas as Mosul city on top of them, in which we emphasize on the necessity of a clear international contribution from all our allies and friends. Victory would not be completed unless all displaced people return to their towns again with guaranteed safe and stable life for them.

Thanks, blessing and praise are all for Allah

All appreciation to our heroic Iraqi people

Iraq, Live safe, strong, flourished with its economy and stable with its political system

Our heroic fighters, live free inside our people's conscience

Glory and immortality for all martyrs for being generous with their souls

Victory is for the proud people of Iraq

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Eshaiker Al-Jaafari

Minister of Foreign affairs

10th of July 2017
Foreign Minister's Speech