IHEC announces plans to open polling centers abroad

On December 13, 2013, the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced the possibility of opening polling centers in 13 countries including the United States.

The IHEC’s officials said that the commission will coordinate with the ministry of foreign affairs to obtain the approval of a number of Arab and foreign countries to hold the Iraqi parliamentary election on their soil. Further participants are required to present at least one proof of Iraqi citizenship.

"The participants should update their electoral roll within three days after establishing voting centers," said IHEC’s member Kolshan Kamal, noting that counting process will take place in the host country before starting the second stage of the process in the IHEC’s centers.

Out-of-country voters will have the opportunity to vote in Iraq’s 2014 parliamentary elections, which will represent a major political milestone for the development of democracy in Iraq. The participation of Iraqis inside and outside the country in the election will give it more integrity and will emphasize that the legal and constitutional rights of all Iraqis are guaranteed.