Iraq’s Transition: Remarks by Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Noori al-Maliki

On October 31, 2013, the United States Institute of Peace hosted H.E. Noori al-Maliki for public remarks and a discussion on U.S.-Iraq relations, and the current challenges facing Iraq and the region.

Mr. Jim Marshall, President, U.S. Institute of Peace, delivered Opening Remarks to welcome Prime Minister Maliki; followed by Ambassador Beth Jones, Acting Assistant Secretary of State – Near Eastern Affairs, with Introductory Remarks.

Following the opening remarks, H.E. Noori al-Maliki, Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq spoke openly about al-Qaeda and the will of the Iraqi people to defeat terrorism. The Prime Minister explained the depth to which terrorism exists in Iraq and the region, and acknowledged that through local efforts and a partnership with the United States, Iraq stands ready to defeat those who wish to harm the world. Prime Minister Maliki acknowledged that while military force is essential in doing so, a sound social structure is also mandatory to achieving this goal.

Prime Minister Maliki said Iraqis are proud of the relationship and cooperation they have with the United States; and further, they want to benefit from their American friends through shared knowledge, intelligence and training to further strengthen bilateral relations and continue consolidating all levels of the Strategic Framework Agreement.

At the conclusion of the Prime Minister's remarks, Mr. Marshall moderated a discussion with the Prime Minister and attendees, which included members of the press, government organizations and the Iraqi community.