Prime Minister Al-Abadi Arrives in Washington

WASHINGTON, DC (April 13, 2015) His Excellency Dr. Haider Al-Abadi arrived this evening in Washington, DC for his first official visit to the United States as Prime Minister, at the invitation of President Barack Obama.

Prime Minister Al-Abadi, accompanied by senior Iraqi delegation including the Minister of Defense, Minister of Oil, and Minister of Finance, will hold meetings with US administration officials, Congressional stakeholders, and business leaders.

Prime Minister Al-Abadi will meet at the White House with President Obama to discuss the international coalition and coordinated efforts to defeat Daesh in Iraq. The Prime Minister will provide the President with a comprehensive overview of the situation on the ground and the progress of the new, inclusive government since its formation in 2014.

In addition, the Prime Minister will meet with Vice President Biden to discuss ways to enhance the bilateral relationship between our two countries; and attend a Higher Coordinating Committee Meeting to discuss the strategic partnership between the United States and Iraq and venues to facilitate economic, political, cultural, commercial and security relations under the Strategic Framework Agreement.

Prime Minister Al-Abadi will also meet with the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State and attend a Coalition Plenary Meeting on dismantling and destroying Deash.

The Prime Minister will meet on Capitol Hill with Congressional leaders; meet with Iraqi F-16 fighter pilots, representatives of U.S. businesses and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Managing Director of IMF and the President of World Bank.

Prime Minister Al-Abadi will speak at the Center for Strategic and International Studies: “Looking Forward: A Holistic Strategy for Iraq” in which the Prime Minister will deliver remarks about a strategy for the future of his country.

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