Statement by Council of Ministers on Military Operations and International Cooperation

March 17, 2015

The Council of Minsters issued the following statement today after its weekly meeting chaired by Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi on the relationship between Iraq and the international coalition in the war against Daesh terrorists and regional cooperation against these threats:

The Council of Ministers values and highly appreciates the efforts of all Iraqi armed forces, popular volunteers, Peshmerga forces and tribal fighters in their efforts against Daesh terrorist gangs and the liberation of Iraqi territories.

The Council of Ministers affirms Iraq's commitment to its relationship with the international coalition and recognizes its role in standing with Iraq to counter Daesh terrorists, and values regional cooperation to fight terrorist organizations that not only threaten the security of Iraq but the region and the world at large.
We also emphasize that the victories achieved against Daesh on a number of fronts were the result of Iraqi efforts and their sacrifices, and we continue to move forward in liberating every inch of Iraqi land and restoring security and stability to the Iraqi people.

At the same time, the Council of Ministers underscores the importance of full respect for Iraqi sovereignty in all activities of the international coalition and regional countries as they support Iraq in its war against terrorism.

The Council of Ministers values ​​the close coordination of security forces and popular volunteers in Salah ad-Din province that has led to successes in the battlefield. These battles are being waged by our Iraqi people against terrorism and we also recognize their humanitarian efforts to protect displaced citizens and ensure cooperation with the local administration of the province.

The Council of Ministers affirms that the cohesion between our heroic security forces, popular volunteers and tribal fighters is the best proof that Iraqis of all sects and affiliations and their constituents reject terrorism and want to liberate their country and rid our land from all evils.

May God protect Iraq and the Iraqi people.