The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq Internship Opportunities

Fall-Spring Internships
The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq located in Washington, DC is currently seeking highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students interested in a media internship position who look to enhance their understanding of Iraq and regional politics of the Middle East. This internship offers students the ability to develop a deeper understanding of US-Iraqi relations, improve upon their research and analytical skills, work with global perspectives in real-time media coverage, and increase their networking opportunities all while gaining professional workplace experience in an international setting.

Intern responsibilities:
Media briefs: Interns are expected to assemble a daily news brief that includes media coverage on Iraq as well as additional important regional topics regarding the Middle East.
Event/Site visits: Interns will be asked to attend a multitude of think tank events, government hearings, and academic speeches that relate to US-Iraqi foreign policy, national security policymaking, international diplomacy, and regional issues surrounding the Middle East. Interns will further be expected to report on these events through memorandums.
Assisting in research: Interns will be asked to assist and/or work on their own research projects based on political, economic, and cultural issues related to Iraq.

Internship dates & deadlines:
Fall: January-May 2016 Spring: September-December 2016
The embassy accepts internship applications on a rolling basis.

Internship hours:
Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
We encourage our interns to commit to as many full work days as possible. Though, the embassy acknowledges the priority of classes and school work and therefore will coordinate with students schedules.

• A strong academic background in majors pertaining to International Relations, Political Science, or any other related field of study
• A strong interest in US foreign policy and diplomatic relations with Iraq as well as geopolitical implications surrounding Iraq and the Middle East
• The ability navigate and analyze global media perspectives
• Exceptional research, writing, and communication skills
Application requirements: Applicants should send a resumé with an accompanying cover letter to

Please note:
Although this internship position is unpaid, we will work with respective university requirements regarding internship credits applied to a student’s semester.