The Foreign Minister Stresses Importance of Maintaining Communication with the Investigation Team for Da’esh Crimes in Respect for Sovereignty and Jurisdiction of the Iraqi Judiciary

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein received Mr. Karim Khan the Special Adviser and Head of the United Nations Investigation Team for the accountability for crimes committed by Da’esh.

During the meeting, a number of issues were discussed including, exchanging views on ways to enhance joint cooperation, maintaining contact with the adviser and his team in light of respect for Iraqi sovereignty, and the competence of the Iraqi judiciary to collect evidence to contribute to accountability of those involved, and to uncover and document the crimes of Da’esh.

Minister Fuad Hussein stressed the importance of concerted efforts within this framework to achieve the desired goals.

Mr. Karim Khan has indicated that the latest report submitted to the Security Council confirms continued support for Iraq in this area.

On his part, Minister Fuad Hussein affirmed that the Foreign Ministry continues to communicate and work jointly with the Team of the Adviser and the UNITAD Organization in order to overcome obstacles in the way of the its work.