After Years Of War, Rebuilding Iraq's Libraries

Sun, Sep 8, 2013

by Jacki Lyden, Host

For the first time in three decades, plans are underway to restore Baghdad's former literary glory with a shining new library. The designs show a grand, marvelously constructed, state-of-the-art green building set atop a lake.

Amir Mousawi, director of the architectural firm responsible for the design of the new Baghdad library spoke about why it’s the right time in Iraq to build a new library: “It's a young government, and they've sort of had a number of years to sort of resolve other issues. But one of the most important issues that needs to be tackled is restoring a level of education and, fundamental to that, public buildings that facilitate that such as libraries.”

Mousawi also said that the new library is the rebirth of a new age of Iraq that will concentrate on the positives.

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