Al-Halboosi meets a delegation of Iraqi minorities in the United States

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, accompanied by a parliamentary delegation and in the presence of Iraqi Ambassador Dr. Farid Yassin, met a delegation of Iraqi minorities in the United States.

The meeting discussed the situation of minorities in Iraq and their demands and needs.

“Iraq is characterized by the diversity of its original components, and the Iraqi government is keen to make Iraq for all Iraqis with all its components from one end to the other,” H.E. the Speaker said, pointing out that the parliament will work to legislate laws that include the rights of minorities.

“We are working seriously and quickly to rehabilitate the areas of the sons of Iraq from the minorities and all components and the final closure of the file of displacement, as well as provide the requirements of a decent life for them and keep them away from political problems.”

He stressed the need to involve the sons of minorities in the institutions of the state, including the security establishment and benefit from their expertise and competencies and work to receive positions in the state.

The delegation included representatives of Yazidis, Christians and Sabean Mandaeans.

Media Office
Of the Parliament Speaker
Mar 30, 2019

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