FM concludes his participation in the meeting of the Arab League.

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Fri, Sep 15, 2017

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari concluded his participations in the ministerial meeting of the Arab League in its regular session 148 in Cairo.

Dr. Al-Jaafari stated at the conclusion of his visit to Cairo regarding Referendum of Kurdistan Region is a violation of the constitution and the vow we have to commit to.

Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed that the ministerial meeting of the Arab League supported Iraq's unity, and refused the Referendum of Kurdistan Region, and this is the second Consensus to Iraq from the Arab League after the first Consensus regarding the Turkish violation to the Iraqi territories.

Dr. Al-Jaafari stressed that Kirkuk is an Iraqi city and represented all the Iraqi societies, as it includes Arab, Kurd, Turkmen and Christians, we aren't ready to waive it or any other city as it belongs to all Iraqis.

In response to Massoud Barzani's remarks, in which he said that we have failed to live as partners, we can be good neighbors, between Dr. Jaafari: I do not know if we fail to deal together How do we ensure that we live as neighbors with each other ?! Failure is failure. To get out of the facts of history, geography, and the Iraqi community that reached the level of apparent between the Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen, and risk and enter this section do not know the interest of.

He called on the minister to retreat from this measure as long as it does not hurt in the unity of Iraq, and is in the interest of urging, and the Iraqis are delighted with their victories, and achieved excellent results when faced with one row gangs advocating.

He concluded his remarks that the strength of Iraq is the strength of the Arab countries and Iraq is always using the wealth he has, and the strength in the Arab interest, and for the benefit of the countries of the region, and not intended to annoy anyone at all; so please the rest of the States to share Iraq the same feeling, The stronger Iraq is, the stronger its neighboring and friendly countries.

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